"Our IT team is spending way too much time helping marketing with the website."

Empowering your marketing team to manage their website without compromising on security or relying on IT.

Relaxed DevOps Pro

The Most Secure Managed Website Solution Available

Save Time, Be Secure, Stay Agile

Website and Server Management

Whether you host or we host your site, we'll ensure everything is running smoothly and functioning.

Scan for Vulnerabilties and Malware

We'll run nightly scans on your site(s) that will search for known vulnerabilities and malware and alert us if one is found.

Remediation within 24 hours

Within 24 hours of discovering any security vulnerability, we'll fix the issue, QA the site and rescan to confirm your site is secure.

Ready to Hand-Off Your Website?

The marketing team will have a secure website that's easy to use. The IT team will have their time back.

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