About Us

ScanToFix was born out of the web design agency Big Orange Lab. At Big Orange Lab, we began implementing a multi-layered hosting solution for our clients in the security space that provided a great deal of website security while also letting their Marketing teams work at the speed needed to stay ahead of the competition. Our clients loved the hosting solution so much, we decided to create ScanToFix and offer it for businesses and agencies that were not our clients.

We’ve worked with a lot of marketers in our careers. And most view cyber security as either someone else’s responsibility or just not a concern. Even now, as cyber security becomes part of the daily conversation, many marketers are approaching it in the same way the average person does the stock market – it’s too complicated and I’ve got more important things to do.

We don’t believe it has to be this way. Just like Wall Street relies on inside baseball terms to game the system and keep average people from participating, cyber security experts tend to find the theory and complexity of their profession more interesting than helping the average end user protect themself from hackers.

As programmers and digital marketers, we know that most marketing teams have the ability to securely use their website without constant help of IT or DevOps. They just don’t have the time or motivation to wade through all the jargon to self educate when they have aggressive revenue goals to hit.

You don’t have to be a cyber security expert or trained engineer to manage effective website security.

The mission of ScanToFix is to demystify website security and help Marketers control their own website security without depending on their IT or DevOps teams.

How ScanToFix can help your business:

Set up a WordPress stack that’s secure and functional for your marketing team
Identify security vulnerabilities on your website and server stack and fix them for you
Provide a How-To for fixing vulnerabilities and malware
Website and server remediation if vulnerabilities or malware are found

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